3 Poptropica tips

Hey you guys sorry I did not write back in a while what I mean is I just had my birthday a few months ago.Enough about me now want to hear what I really wanted to say?Well I’ll tell you any way or stop reading if you don’t want to hear. Have you ever heard of Poptropica  if not I’ll tell you what it is it is a game on the computer were you go from island to island to save the islands when your done with one you get a medal here are some tips:tip 1 in carrot101 jut go through the chimney.Tip 2 in big Nate island you should  go in front of the water but jump a lot.This is my third and final tip tip 3 in mission Atlantis you need to get more than one fish so you can snap a picture of the big fish. that’s all I have for this post I ‘ll hopefully write back soon goodbye.

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One Response to 3 Poptropica tips

  1. omg I love poptropica thanks for the tips I got stuck on a few things and that helped a lot

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