10 Halloween Rules

Halloween rules:
1: If a sign says take one, take as many as possible
2: If you think the house is to spooky for you, keep walking towards it till you pee your pants
3: If some one’s staring at you, scare them off with a stuffed pink unicorn (gets me every time!)
4: If you see a black cat…wait for it…wait for it… pet it! Except for Friday the 13th… That’s when you hug em’!
5: When you see a candy corn, RUN!
6: Do not not talk to your neighbors, on Halloween, everyone’s a spy. (no literally, all my neighbors dress like spies for Halloween)
7: Do not wait till Halloween to dress up! Go to school in your costume!
8: actually, don’t. Last time I tried that, I ended up doing community service during Halloween night.
9: When ever an adult’s not looking, shove candy in your mouth!

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