3 Poptropica tips

Hey you guys sorry I did not write back in a while what I mean is I just had my birthday a few months ago.Enough about me now want to hear what I really wanted to say?Well I’ll tell you any way or stop reading if you don’t want to hear. Have you ever heard of Poptropica  if not I’ll tell you what it is it is a game on the computer were you go from island to island to save the islands when your done with one you get a medal here are some tips:tip 1 in carrot101 jut go through the chimney.Tip 2 in big Nate island you should  go in front of the water but jump a lot.This is my third and final tip tip 3 in mission Atlantis you need to get more than one fish so you can snap a picture of the big fish. that’s all I have for this post I ‘ll hopefully write back soon goodbye.

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kitteys evreywhre




hay sorry that I have not done any blogging lately. but here is something adorable. one morning. I looked out the window and saw a mom cat and her two  babies. then when  she woke up she went away. then three babies came out to play. they kept multiplying when when they came out to play. then we fed the mom fish then dad let a cat inside. he came out but there has been none since.





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Lost my first tooth!

tooth date December 18th 201

hay lost any teeth lately yes no? anyway i did

you want to see it look at my picture.




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bff tok . how y doing besty ges has the best clos evr i do
no i do cuntinyou on enum

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10 Halloween Rules

Halloween rules:
1: If a sign says take one, take as many as possible
2: If you think the house is to spooky for you, keep walking towards it till you pee your pants
3: If some one’s staring at you, scare them off with a stuffed pink unicorn (gets me every time!)
4: If you see a black cat…wait for it…wait for it… pet it! Except for Friday the 13th… That’s when you hug em’!
5: When you see a candy corn, RUN!
6: Do not not talk to your neighbors, on Halloween, everyone’s a spy. (no literally, all my neighbors dress like spies for Halloween)
7: Do not wait till Halloween to dress up! Go to school in your costume!
8: actually, don’t. Last time I tried that, I ended up doing community service during Halloween night.
9: When ever an adult’s not looking, shove candy in your mouth!

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My first photo blog

My first photo blog

Here’s me hanging out at home.

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